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Atman AT-105 Power Head
Atman AT-105 Power Head
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Atman AT-105 Power Head  


- Completely submersible motor

- Extremely quiet operation

- Suction cups to fit any aquariums

Adopt wearproof ceramic shaft which can be used in a longer time.

- Suitable for fresh and marine water


AC 220-240 V/ 50Hz 60W 

Hmax: 3m

Qmax: 3000 L / h 



- Do not connect to any voltage other than that shown on the pump.

- Do not pump flammable liquids.

- Do not use with water above 35°C




 - Always disconnect from electrical outlet before handling the pump.

- Do not let the pump run dry.

- Do not lift the pump by the power cord.

- Operate pump completely submerged for proper cooling.

- The supply cord of this appliance cannot be replaced, if the cord is damaged, the appliance should be discarded.

- Disconnect the appliance form supply mains before putting hands into water.

- The maximum depth immersed in water for the appliance is 90cm.



A clogged or dirty intake screen will greatly reduce performance. If the pump is used on a dirty surface, raise it slightly to reduce the amount of debris contacting the intake. If less flow is desired, adjust the flow control lever.




- To clean the pump, remove the front plate and the impeller.

- Use a small brush or stream of water to remove any debris.



Check the circuit breaker and another outlet to ensure the pump is getting electrical power. NOTE: Always disconnect from electrical outlet before handling the pump.

Check the pump discharge and tubing for kinds and obstructions Algae build up can be flushed out with a garden hose.

- Remove the pump inlet to access the impeller area. Turn the rotor to ensure it is not broken or jammed.

- Monthly maintenance will add to your pump's life. NOTE: Ensure that the electrical cord loops below the electrical outlet to form a'Drip Loop' This will prevent water from running down the cord into the electrical outlet.


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  • Anonymous user 2011-05-24 23:28:10
  • 请问1尺Nano tank适合用怎样的powerhead?
  • Administrator一尺缸不适合用power head,你可以选者使用上部过滤,或瀑布式过滤,本店都有卖。 :-)

  • plunderer 2011-02-20 18:58:41
  • 对啊。。三个角度都是1尺。。。你们用的打气是怎样的?
  • Administrator我们用的是大型的打气机,ATMAN air pump hp12000. :-)

  • plunderer 2011-02-19 20:47:28
  • 写错了。。我是要写有大型的打气机吗??我的缸大概1尺阔,长,高。。。大概想有20缸左右。
  • Administrator你是说3个角度都是一尺?

  • plunderer 2011-02-18 20:36:05
  • 好的好的。。这里有大型的缸吗??可以供应20缸的有吗??
  • Administrator最大的款式是AT107。 请问你的缸多大?

  • plunderer 2011-02-15 20:50:25
  • 请问这个什么用??大型的打气机?
  • Administrator这是water pump来的,不是打气机!

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