Why are we started this pet directory?

All started with my aunt’s beloved dog (she called him “Bao Bei” @ Precious) came to stayed in my house on 3rd July 2022, on his 7th Birthday.

We went to our mother’s hometown at Bentong, Pahang on 3rd July 2022. My aunt has 3 Pekingese – Bossy (father), Fanny (mother) and Small Boss @ Didi (son). We have been to mother’s hometown many times, but we did not play with them most of the times. So happen that this round we went back Bentong, we brought Didi back to our home (KL) as he didn’t look well and limited choice of vet services offered in Bentong town. For so many years, we did not have any pets in our home, we became excited but at the same time worry about taking care of Didi and his health. We did a lot of online searches – foods & fruits safe for dog, recipe to make home cook food, etc.

The next day, we brought Didi to the clinic he went before in 2015 at Rawang – Passionate Animal Clinic for his blood test & x-ray. The x-ray showed a large shadow on Didi’s chest and couldn’t identify what is it about. We brought the blood test report & x-ray to Gasing Veterinary Hospital for further checkup. On the first visit, the doctor found a firm & large mass on Didi’s chest (via ultrasound). We decided to let Didi do further check up with CT-Scan and needle aspiration. The result came out the mass was too huge on his lung and we were informed that nothing much can be done. My family and I were utterly devastated when we heard this…

We did not give up on him. We sent all the medical reports – CT scan image and report, biopsy report, blood test report to Hospital Veterinar Universiti (UVH) Universiti Putra Malaysia, looked for an oncologist doctor. The next day we received an appointment to see Dr Gaya. Unfortunately, 1st chemotherapy treatment on Didi didn’t go well and no improvement on his condition.

While continue receiving medical treatments, we wished to make Didi happy, bring him around, create good memories for him.. he loves the word “gai gai” (it means “we go out”), he would look excited, he raised his ear and wagged his tail. We started to do some searches from Google, Facebook, to find any pet-friendly places, restaurants, etc, but wished that we could have found a directory that contains all the pet-friendly places information that we want. There are several Facebook groups allow their members to post some pet-friendly places but there were many repeated posts or may be too far from our location etc.

Having Small Boss @ Didi with us, this inspires us to create this pet directory that benefits all pet owners & pet business owners. We would include animal shelter organizations information in this directory to help create awareness and raise donations from the public.

Hopefully this site able to help more people like us (so lost and wish to explore more places with your furbaby). We welcome your participation on adding more pet-friendly places to grow this directory.

On 6th November 2022 noon, Small Boss @ Didi crossed the rainbow bridge and he stays in our heart forever…

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to Doctors, for their care and patient on providing medical assistance to our beloved Small Boss @ Didi.
– Dr Goh from Passionate Animal Clinic, Rawang
– Dr Aaron from Passionate Animal Clinic Rawang
– Dr Gaya from UVH, UPM
– Dr Low from Gasing Veterinary Hospital
– Dr Chong from Gasing Veterinary Hospital

My Beloved Didi's Paw Print on his passing day..
Didi’s Paw Print on 6/11/2022
Small Boss @ Didi
Our Beloved Small Boss @ Didi
3/7/2015 – 6/11/2022