Dog found at Batu Belah, Klang

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North Klang Straits Bypass, 41400 Selangor, Malaysia
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Batu Belah 区 ( Petronas 后面)
应该有在外面流浪了一两天?因为带他进来时,臭臭的 (应该淋雨,不会躲雨)。 我们已经给他洗了澡。。
如果你是狗狗的主人,请尽快联络我,狗狗也很想你的。。 而且我家里有好几只小坏蛋(狗狗)了,嗅到不一样的味道,狂吠啊 😅😅。。
Hello guys! I’m looking for this dog’s owner.
He just randomly show up infront of my house this afternoon. Brought him inside and showered. Suspected wandering around Batu Belah area for few days (smelly body).
We believe this dog is owned. He is well groomed and nails are trimmed. He is tame and gentle.
Contact me if this is your loved one or belong to any friends/relatives of yours.
(My dogs are super duper suspicious now 😅😅)

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Dog found at Batu Beklah
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Answer to Oscar
Don't know if it's my dog looks similar, Oscar was lost on 12 Dec 2022 been searching for him everyday, l live just behind Petronas my contact 01111273987
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